Is your blog in need of a style guide? Quite possibly.

Should Your Blog Have A Style Guide?

Who needs a style guide? Wikipedia has one. has one. Yahoo has one (used to be freely available online). National Geographic has one. The Economist has one. There are even variants on the AP style …

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As my father surfed the web, he became outraged by the tractors that he saw.

These tractors are an outrage.

"Those fools don’t even know what they’re talking about!" Dad grumped behind me, sitting at the other computer. I turned to see what he was talking about. He was on the website, looking at tractors. "What?" …

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When you wrap a blank journal in plastic, I can never buy it from your store shelves. There are tests I need to perform and the plastic won’t let me do it.

Why Blank Journals Must Not Be Plastic Wrapped

I nearly took down a Hobby Lobby employee once over the plastic that covered a blank journal. As I said in that post, there are two reasons why you have to be able to open …

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The latest digital contagion, the Heartbleed bug, has me all but ready to pull the plug.

The Heartbleed bug increases the number of off-the-grid hermits worldwide by 10%.

That’s a fake headline, of course, but it maybe ought to be true. I started writing this post in a library, wary of doing anything on that public internet connection. Yet I’m on a Chrome book, …

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Interested in a behind-the-scenes “secret” tour of how we use CoSchedule for our own blog? We’ll tell you how to plan, organize, create, and manage your blog, plus how we share to social media.

How To Write A Great Blog Using CoSchedule (And Our Best Secrets)

How do you write a great blog? As usual, I’ve learned, it all starts with the audience. Along with writing blog posts for the CoSchedule blog, I am in charge of writing all of the help guides …

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Colgan Air Flight 3407 ended in tragedy, but the new laws that were passed because of it ended up making a bad situation worse. How? It has to do with a looming pilot shortage…

Colgan Air Flight 3407, and why victims are not lawmakers.

I wrote this post on November 21, 2013. I’m telling you this because it was scheduled to run the day after the Malaysian Air crash. I pushed it back and waited several weeks. My apologies …

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Be careful who you follow on social media. They have an effect on you. Avoid the negative people, the complainers, the whiners, the foul-mouthed, the angry, the bitter. You’ll get enough of that in your real-life exposure to others. Why open yourself up to it in your virtual life?

Who You Follow On Social Media Is Changing You

Social media is a two-way street. You are being changed while you change those who are following you.

I’m a bit bothered that cursive isn’t being taught in school any more. It’s almost like an art form we all used to take part in, slowly dying.

The Necessity Of Learning To Write Cursive

Armed with a life’s worth of personal journals, a few letters from my grandmother, a familiarity with my mother’s bold sweeping strokes, and an old Palmer Penmanship book from the early part of the century, …

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