The Angryman Cartoon characters so far.

Going back through many sketchbooks and loose pages of Angryman Cartoons over the years, I decided to compile a “group photo” of the characters I saw. I’m sure I’ve missed a few; I’ve been drawing these since 2007, and I just couldn’t get them all in. However, here you go:

group of characters

Angryman is easy enough to spot. Can you figure out who the following are?

  1. Floor Pig
  2. Steve Punchme
  3. Deus Ex Machina
  4. Ruth
  5. Nerv…

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The problem with everyone on the team being overly familiar with a project is that no one has a set of fresh eyes to spot the glaring problems. When we’re all “insiders”, we have favorite pet projects, and are able to gloss over the issues that need repair. An outsider, someone who has no personal attachment or inclination to protect any part of the project, has no such problem. Your project needs an outsider.

Is Familiarity Killing Your Project Before You Even Launch?

Readers don’t like unfamiliarity, but unfamiliarity might actually help your team. The developers here at CoSchedule had been working for a while on the multi-scheduler, a highly requested feature. I hadn’t been much involved in that …

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It’s even easier for your kids to be original in an age where everyone is watching and consuming the same media. Simply unplug them. Let them think their own thoughts and stories.

It’s getting easier to be original. Just unplug.

The commercial for the Amazon Fire Phone could probably spawn about two dozen blog posts if I let it. I’m going to try to keep it to one. And it’s this: if these kids are the …

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Putting restrictions and limitations on your art and writing can actually help you be more creative.

Constrain Yourself, And You’ll Write Much Better

The problem with the world being your oyster is that the whole world is just too big. Without boundaries, it’s difficult to write. Necessity truly is the mother of invention, and there’s no greater way to create …

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