• Friend: You should blog about this headline: "Blind activist in medical care to see family."
  • Me: Hmm. Good catch on the headline.
  • Friend: There was also the one about the flasher at the blind school, but that one was more salacious.
  • Me: I saw that one. If I were going to be a flasher, I'd choose a blind school. Reduce the collateral damage and all.
  • Friend: Query: Have you ever before written the words "If I were going to be a flasher"?
  • Me: No. It has not seen previous use.
  • Friend: It's no "If I did kill my wife and Ron Goldman" but it's novel. My novelty from yesterday was "Before these go in the mail, we need to figure out if she had to have her leg amputated."
  • Me: I've not used that one, either, and I don't foresee it.